Fashion is Indestructible by Cecil Beaton, 1941

How Much Female Power is within Women’s Interest Media?

I’ve always believed in what women’s interest media originally stood for at Condé Nast’s purchase of Vogue. Leading the conversation in culture and societal change as well as promoting products that ultimately contributed to the billion dollar industry some like to dress up as frivolity. As if editors don’t have credit card debt and pose for pictures with borrowed clothes. Underlining the unrealistic affordability of the over priced fashion we advertise as accessible to all. Since working within the magazine I must consider sales over creative, building a fashion media business…

Heavenly Bodies at The Metropolitan Museum of Art — 2018, NYC

Follow The Masses Or To Thine Own Self Be *Human

When I was asked to shoot music legend, Mikita Nirraje, I couldn’t believe it. As I tend to walk opposite the masses, I declined most celebrity cover shoot offers. Working with a major talent could go a number of ways. Some of the super successful who’d found peace within had no reason to treat another less than. They were aware of culture’s obsession with imperialist status quo’s and loved themselves enough to not feed into insecurity. Ironic to think of generations that demand respect but fail to specify mutual reciprocation…

Chanel Iman & Missy Rayder in Peru

Lessons from Mamma Natura

Anna Dello Russo made it clear if I left, I’d be on my own. I always respected her honesty. I wanted to prove my worth in New York. I knew that meant I’d be taking all the paid gigs I could get while building my portfolio. I assisted any young stylist that was paying right after the job. I met a Spanish editor through a talent agent and we meshed instantly. She was humble coming from the corporate finance world and started styling because she loved fashion, had great taste, and happened to be good friends…

90s Digital Camera photo taken from a cab in LA — circa 2008

The Sitcom Stars

Working with supermodels is what defines working in fashion for me. Wether fresh face or legend, it’s an opportunity to tell a visual story. The set becomes your amphitheatre. Celebrity editorial, personally, a lot less appealing. Dealing with an idol type ego on a creative fashion editorial set seemed to defeat the purpose. Questions relayed to their publicist standing right next to them — because speaking to them directly was perhaps the only control held over their privacy — borderline perpetuates the separation of human and idol god. Besides the monster content machine that’s made celebrities a…

Lais Ribero style by me for Vogue

No Experience Necessary

I discovered an up and coming photographer searching through an artist app database. We met for vino tinto at The Smile in Soho, shared ideas and with excitement settled on a test shoot date. Asking favours from my industry friends, we confirmed Linda Helena, just before booking her became impossible. It was a big deal. Usually a fresh photographer isn’t trusted with a model projected to contract Vogue covers. Having built relationships over the years, the trusted expectation was on me to deliver, not only stunning imagery, but also a smooth shoot day. …

Vogue BTS — Eniko Mihalik, Camilla Akrans, Sissy Vian, Wendy Rowe, Laurent Philippon — outside Paris

Trust No Bitch

In Italy they say decisions are taken at the table. It was about relationship, about community, despite the facade of snobbery and caddy queen gossip among “friends” within fashion. My time at Vogue taught me the importance of transparency, tough love, and loyalty. We were a team first and foremost. Despite disagreements, and moments of hurtful misjudgements, ultimately we were open, honest and cared for one another.

Three years of spending much time in Paris, between market research, exhibitions, fashion weeks, editorial photo shoots, and consulting gigs, it was becoming my second home. I’d usually opted to…

Christine Shevchenko styled by me for Vogue

Sex Sells

I used to proudly prefer shooting fashion editorial with men. They were easier to deal with. The majority of female photographers I’d worked with ended in caddy displays of apathy and on those few occasions, I was left most often disappointed. In a billion dollar industry for women, enabled by women’s interests, it seems the biggest hypocrisy I, myself, would favour a man to collaborate with. Recognising even the thought of working with another woman sparks a subconscious push to compete, is hard to digest. Male physiology works well in competition. They thrive when given a contest. The…

Tao Okamoto, Anja Rubik, Katja Rahlwes, Sissy Vian — BTS from NYC 2009

The Art of International Travel, in Vogue

The biggest reward of my job at Vogue was traveling. Staying in one place always made me gasp, like a bird trapped in a cage, suffocating. With such a big world out there to explore, it seemed absurd choosing not too. Our first trip to New York City birthed important lessons I continue to live by.

Vogue Japan Milano was in one of Condé Nast Italia’s buildings then. Carnet slips covered Gianluigi’s — head of operations — desk and he explained the process. As a smaller branch of Condé we worked differently but…

Photographed by Michael Flores, styled by me — New York 2014

Mailbox Full

At Vogue Japan both of my editors had agents. I learned the most from consulting jobs. How to handle major and minor clients. The ones that expected excellence and paid accordingly. As well as those with champagne dreams on beer budgets. At times, even on editorials I worked directly with talent agents. The the master coordinators you could rely on when there was a problem. Perhaps most importantly, the one’s that handled the money, so you wouldn’t have to.

In Milano I dealt most with ATOMO, Management Artists Organisation’s (MAO) sister agency. It was about relationships; stoping by…

shot w/my digi camera from the 2nd row @ Prada S/S 2010 — show soundtrack ‘Lipgloss’ by Lil Mama

Fairytales in the Fog

I’ll never forget my first summer in Milano, the last summer before I’d graduate. Never doubting I’d move up north after college, Milano was the New York of Italia after all. I rented a room near Le Colonne. Neighbourhood of the cool kids, not far from Naviglio, not far from il centro. My roomies were Swedish beauties who’d been studying at IED. Michaela’s Israeli mix graced her with porcelain textured mocha skin and Penny’s crystal sea blue eyes could light up the greyest of fogs. Although viewed by many, the ugliest of Italian cities, it felt…

K.C. Jones

A contributing fashion editor trying to dig deeper. ‘Think before you speak. Read before you think.’ — Fran Lebowitz

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