Photographed by Michael Flores, styled by me — New York 2014

Mailbox Full

At Vogue Japan both of my editors had agents. I learned the most from consulting jobs. How to handle major and minor clients. The ones that expected excellence and paid accordingly. As well as those with champagne dreams on beer budgets. At times, even on editorials I worked directly with talent agents. The the master coordinators you could rely on when there was a problem. Perhaps most importantly, the one’s that handled the money, so you wouldn’t have to.

In Milano I dealt most with ATOMO, Management Artists Organisation’s (MAO) sister agency. It was about relationships; stoping by…

shot w/my digi camera from the 2nd row @ Prada S/S 2010 — show soundtrack ‘Lipgloss’ by Lil Mama

Fairytales in the Fog

I’ll never forget my first summer in Milano, the last summer before I’d graduate. Never doubting I’d move up north after college, Milano was the New York of Italia after all. I rented a room near Le Colonne. Neighbourhood of the cool kids, not far from Naviglio, not far from il centro. My roomies were Swedish beauties who’d been studying at IED. Michaela’s Israeli mix graced her with porcelain textured mocha skin and Penny’s crystal sea blue eyes could light up the greyest of fogs. Although viewed by many, the ugliest of Italian cities, it felt…

Viviana Volpicella, Jessica Nedza, Anna Dello Russo, Aurora Sansone at Giampaolo Sgura’s Studio in Milano

It Was All A Dream

Working in visual arts was a dream for as long as I can remember. As a child I’d play dress up and sing on the fireplace with a makeshift hairbrush microphone. I earned a degree in fashion design, marketing and art history. Back then working at a magazine meant you excelled in another, if not multiple creative fields. Throughout university I worked as a reporter, sales representative, and visual merchandising consultant. The cultural benefits of la vita Italiana gave me access to icons in a way that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I met Anna Dello…

Fashion is Indestructible by Cecil Beaton, 1941

How Much Female Power is within Women’s Interest Media?

I’ve always believed in what women’s interest media originally stood for at Condé Nast’s purchase of Vogue. Leading the conversation in culture and societal change as well as promoting products that ultimately contributed to the billion dollar industry some like to dress up as frivolity. As if editors don’t have credit card debt and pose for pictures with borrowed clothes. Underlining the unrealistic affordability of the over priced fashion we advertise as accessible to all. Since working within the magazine I must consider sales over creative, building a fashion media business…

Amilna Estevao styled by me

Too Much of Everything Calls for a System Reboot

Fashion month is my favourite time of the season. Particularly Milano and Paris, they just do it better. It’s the ‘work perk’, considering debt inducing wages, long hours, and the ever exhausting battle of appeasing financial backers over visionnaire kreativ. In a time of too much everything, justifying productions that use so much resource means taking a hard look at the non essentials.

When social media exploded fashion magazines were scrambling to advise designers whilst trying to follow and understand the ‘new system’. Ironically the whole point of Mr. …

At Cala Rossa, Favignana after 25 days of Mediterranean sunshine kisses

Summer 2018

Home is where the heart is and my heart holds many places close. Sicilia, what a special slice of heaven. The Italian half of my heritage comes from Palermo, so every time I’m in Sicily, I especially feel at home.

Landing in Palermo airport you’re surrounded by the Longa Mountains. It’s breathtaking. Already you feel far far away. Islands have a way of isolating time, people take things slow and live to enjoy. Driving into the city takes you to another era. You can feel the energy of ancient past.

Palermo’s rich history offers much to explore. The…

Paris 2009

Dear Lens Master,

I admire your art. I like the way you see things. The way you interpret is something quite unique. I appreciate you covering production costs since, you know, for some reason your rates are higher than mine. I appreciate your assistants organising the production. Luckily they can skim some of the budget off the top, especially if you own the equipment you rent. I’m grateful for your creative direction, although I have some ideas. I prefer the older references . Anything too recent with current culture inspirations feels already dated.

Dear Photographer,

I’m grateful that this magazine’s…

Summer 2019

Calletta Crocetta, Isola d’Elba

My summer holidays are sacred. Something I’ll never part with. The only thing that gets me through a year in New York City, are the four weeks I spend in my second home, Italia. The over crowded city becomes unbearable by August. My feet are swollen from 11 months of walking, running and standing on concrete in my Sergio Rossi’s.

This year in particular, has been tumultuous. The news, unbalanced global economy and politics, climate extremes, celebrity and wealth obsession. Not to mention the catastrophe that is the fashion industry. It quite literally has felt like the end…

Franzi Frings Styled by me

My Journey of Self Love through Fitness

For a long time I’ve wanted to write on size. On how as women, we should love our bodies no matter what a magazine cover says.

Isn’t it funny how much time it’s taken us to proudly and openly love ourselves.

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of attending a talk with model, activist and documentarian Bethann Hardison. She said something that really resinated; ‘Why does the world need to see an example of something in order to feel good about themselves? You’ve got to have that strength inside of you, to…

Do stylists and sales associates have the same job?

Linda Helena styled by Me

Let me start off by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with working in retail.
In fact, I truly believe it takes a special type of person to do that specific job and be successful at it, especially in today’s marketplace. I myself worked in retail during secondary school and university.
In my recent search for freelance styling gigs I found retail store job listings to be the majority. I think it somewhat discrediting to my credentials. I have spent nearly 12 years learning my craft and perfecting my skills. …

K.C. Jones

A contributing fashion editor trying to dig deeper. ‘Think before you speak. Read before you think.’ — Fran Lebowitz

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